Sniffinit Snuffle Treat Balls

These balls have multiple layers of fleece folds to hide your dogs treats in. They also provide extra fun as they move! You dog will love rolling the ball about to reach all of the treats. Sniffinit treat balls offer a little more mental challenge than our snuffle mats and you may need to help your dog at first. Place treats on the very top for an easy win. When he understands this push some just inside a few of the folds. He will soon learn and enjoy!

Can I wash it?

YES ! All Puzzle Paws Puzzles are washable at 30* do not tumble dry iron. Gentle spin. Ideally wash in a pillow case or horse wash bag if you have one.

Sizes Outside measurements are approx. Large approx. 20 cm Medium approx. 15 cm

Choice of colours available – message for availability.


Large plain colours £15 Medium plain colours £12 Large Patterned fleece fabric £20 Medium Patterned £15 Postage £3.50

Please note that to enable the larger size to fit small parcel size they may appear a little squashed on arrival but will swiftly recover.