Digginit mini-mat snuffle mat

What does it do? These mats have beautiful long strands carefully stitched in multiple rows. Making them fully washable and hygienic. You dog will love foraging rolling through the strands to reach all of the treats. Lightweight and easy to roll up or carry they are perfect for travel too and ideal for puppies. If your dog is young or new to enrichment puzzles you may need to help him to start with. You can do this by placing treats on the very top for an easy win. When he understands this push some just inside a few of the strands. He will soon learn and enjoy !

Can I wash it?

YES ! All Puzzle Paws Puzzles are washable at 30* do not tumble dry iron. Gentle spin. Ideally wash in a pillow case or horse wash bag if you have one.

Sizes Measurements approx. 37cm x 20 cm Base measurements approx. 23cm x 17 cm

Choice of colours available – message for availability.


Price £15 Postage £3.50