Licensed dog boarder vs non licensed dog boarders

All people who care for dogs in their home need to have been inspected by a local licensing team. All licensed boarders need to comply with licensing conditions.

These would be so much easier if all councils were the same but most have different regulations.

All home boarders will be told by local councils how many dogs that they can board safely in home. Also home and garden must be safe and secure, disinfectant needs to be Defra approved, homes must have fire extinguishers and working smoke alarms and also records for every pet that is cared for. Also an animal first aid kit .

There must be rooms to separate dogs and an isolation area.

At Poocheecare we are licensed insured first aid trained . We are very unique where we care for one family’s dogs at a time, no resident dog. We need at the very least 3 weeks to build a relationship with your dog . 

Poocheecare is a business but my number 1 priority is your dog who’s in my care. 

Alarm bells should sound if the home boarder doesn’t want to meet you and the dog before boarding.

Also if the boarder doesn’t arrange a settling in period.

No paperwork.

Boarder doesn’t ask about vaccinations.

So many unlicensed home boarders promise to care for dogs but then will cancel at the last moment.

I had a call this morning from someone who was booked in with a carer, who was going to have his dogs for the weekend and it’s Wednesday and cancelled, no come back, no carers available as it’s half term.

Please take care to find the best carer for your dog. Cheapest is not always the best…