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Becoming a Poochee Care Franchisee

- Introduction -

Running your own business has never been more popular. The last few years have made many people reevaluate their work and life priorities. One of the best ways of becoming your own boss is to become a franchisee.

What is a Franchise?

A franchise is a joint venture between a franchisor and a franchisee. The franchisor is the original business owner. They sell the right to use name and business model to franchisees. Licensing the concept and brand to like minded people means that the business owner knows they are working with someone who cares as much as they do and has invested both financially and emotionally into making their franchise a success. The franchisee gains a recognised brand, and a wealth of support and knowledge to see them on the road to success.

Why work with Poochee Care?

The number of time poor pet owners is growing. As people continue to return to the office the demand for day care for dogs is outstripping supply. The return to overseas holidays this year means that people want to ensure their pets have a great time while they are away.

Poochee Care is a unique way of caring for dogs. It started from my own experience with an unlicensed dog boarder’s treatment of my own dog Molly. I have become a passionate advocate for how dogs should be looked after by people who aren’t their owners. I wanted to create a dog boarding experience that allows owners to enjoy their holiday and not worry about their pets.

How does it work?

Poochee Care is offering the chance to build a business where everyone will be happy leaving their pets with people who want to create an environment where they feel they could leave their own pets, while they are away.

What about safeguards?

Franchising in the UK is not regulated by a single body. Poochee Care belongs to the Quality Franchise Association (QFA). This is a not for profit, trade association who work with ethical Franchisor members who agree to abide by a code of conduct and a charter that sets out the purpose and aims of the QFA. Poochee Care is proud to be a member of an organisation that looks after the interests of everyone involved in the franchising world.

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